Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Karunn Kandoi's Career at Microsoft

Karunn Kandoi, an entrepreneur, businessman, manager of many corporate ventures and a thorough professional… the man has earned several accreditations over the years. He is currently serving as the President, Skill Development Training, Extramarks Education Private Ltd, India’s premiere venture to take education to the virtual platform.  Over the past years, he has contributed his experience and expertise with some giant companies like Philips Medical Systems, General Electric Medical Systems, Swastik Marble et al. He has led numerous projects worth million dollars with the companies and accomplished them with remarkable success. However, his tenure with the Microsoft Corporation as the Product Manager marked the biggest high of his career which fetched him name, fame and most importantly, a potential reason for the country’s youth to look up to him as their icon.

Karunn perfectly epitomizes hard work, unrelenting will and true ingenuity as the formula for making a successful man. What seems to be the perfect extravagant life was replete with struggles and hindrances to reach at this zenith of success. However, as a fighter, he treaded through his difficult times and shouldered the responsibility of his entire family. His tryst with his scientific and inquisitive bent happened during schooling in Jaipur, Rajasthan, in 1982. To follow his aspirations, he cracked the entrance examination of the most prestigious institutes of the country, BIT Bangalore.

The landmark achievement of Karunn Kandoi’s career was in 2004, when he assumed the role of the esteemed Product Manager with Microsoft Corporation. His expertise and wisdom brought tremendous changes in the company, especially in its annual turnover. He took over the responsibility of forecasting and reporting for Microsoft Network (MSN) search, which he successfully accomplished to perfection. He further led yet another prestigious project to evaluate most valuable query volumes across MSN properties, with Microsoft. The project not only concluded successfully on the estimated time-period, but also systemized the monetization system of the company, thus incurring a profit of $12 million in the financial year, 2005.

During his tenure with Microsoft, Karunn essentially led numerous audits in order to develop a better understanding of MSN Search’s internal business reporting structure and market share. The result of these audits later became the baseline for Microsoft Network to build automated reporting for Key Progress Indicators. With his efforts and self-determination, Microsoft Network search graduated to become the premiere search engines by most of the online searchers.  He led a huge team comprising of professionals with multiple ethnic backgrounds so as to automate the query volume designed for reporting to the top notch executives of Microsoft.

His contributions and excellent performance won him various honors and acknowledgements by Microsoft. His significant efforts in augmenting the revenue increasing means with Microsoft Network search, by dramatic measures, won him an eternal reputation for the same with the company. karun kandoi, karun kandoi microsoft.

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